Piece Counting Scale

Piece Counting Scale


These are used in Industrial applications like stores of a particular production line in an automobile Industry.

Based on the uniformity of weight of the each part to be conted and issued in quantities to a production line/assembly line , the parts can be counted on this scales and issued. Thus the tedious process of counting is quicly and very accurately done by these scales without any human errors.



  •  Counting can be done by setting average weight of each part (Weight Set – WS key)
  • Counting can be done by setting Number of parts of a sample lot which is counted and kept and its Nos. is fed on which ths scale finds out the average weight of each part. ( Number Set  –  NS Key on the scale)


SRC 01 BL 1 kg 0.1g III 230×290
SRC 02 BL 2 kg 0.2 g III 230×290
SRC 05 BL 5 kg 0.5g III 230×290
SRC 10 BL 10 kg 1 g III 230×290
SRC 20 BL 20 kg 2 g III 230×290
SRC 30 BL 30 kg 5 g III 230×290

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