Platform Scale

Capacities:50kg x 5g, 75kg x 5g (II), 150kg x 10g (II), 200kg x 20g, 300kg x 20g (II), 500kg x 50g(III)
Options:Attached Pole:, Custom Size:, Platter 400x400mm:, Platter 500x500mm:, Platter 600x600mm:, Platter 750x7500mm:, Remote Display:, RS232 Output:

  • Sigma delta A/D conversion providing 200,000 internal counts
  • Sturdy mechanical Structure
  • Heavy duty mechanical Structure
  • Water resistant durable keypad
  • Water resistant durable keypad
  • Battery Backup of 12 hrs when fully charged.
  • Overload protected upto 150% of cap.
  • Option for RS-232 for PC interfacing
  • Remote display, desktop/hanging type


  • Power: Mains Adapter/Battery
  • Warranty:12 Months
  • Delivery Time:24/48hrs
  • Industrial Power Coating
  • 5Mts cable for 2nd Display



Titan performance boxed with price advantage and elegant style. Weigh up to 1Tons on this
heavy loading floor platform scale with sizes up to 750mm x 750mm weighing platform. Built to
last, built to perform and built to weigh – it as simple as that! The indicator, mounted on a steel
pillar has a large and easy to read LED display. Designed to perform routine weighing operations
with speed and precision. AC adapter or rechargeable battery operation to provide maximum
freedom and flexibility. Tilt it and rotate it to suit viewing requirements. Both AC adapter and
rechargeable battery are standard with every Ti10 Series SS platforms. The scale comes witn

eatures like simple counting, weight totaling, percentage weighing mode, weight verification
d=e/10 option and a printer output.

Ideal for industrial weighing, parcels, general weighing and related weighing applications.


Capacity Range 50kg ~ 1000kg
Readability 1g ~ 200g
Taring range To Capacity by subtraction
Repeatability 2 divisions
Linearity ±0.002
Application Modes Weighing
Weighing Units gram, kg
Calibration Digital with external weight.
Display Type 0.8″ Bright red LED display
Communication Optional RS232C for PC communication
Stabalization 2.5 seconds
Power 9V AC Adaptor / built in battery for backup to 25hrs.
Operating Temp. 50° to 98° F / 10° to 35° C
Dimensions depends on platform size

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