Cash Counting Machine

cash2MX50i – Intelligent Counting Machine

Specially Designed for Detecting Super Fake notes of Rs. 1000, Rs. 500 & other Denominations with Inbuilt High Precision Sensors.
UV, IR, I-Scan Detection with LED Indicator
Fast, Smooth & Stable counting with Accurate counting results.



Features and functions:

  • Intelligent Money counter with identification of Rs. 1000, Rs. 500*, etc. denomination notes at the press of a button
  • Identifies all versions including the latest SUPER FAKE NOTE in Rs. 1000, Rs. 500*, etc. denomination. Apart from the advanced detection it can also detect on basis of UV & IR technology
  • Hi-tech, Precision sensors make it impossible for MX50i to miss any fakes, It has been proved by our tests at India’s Leading Banks & RBI.
  • Tested at some of India’s biggest Banks at their currency chests with Millions of currency notes and hundreds of Fake notes from various sources, MX50i has proved its Accuracy to detect fake notes UPTO 100%.
  • Batching facility – ideal to make payments and bundles of loose notes.
  • Notes of all denominations and currency of all countries including INR, USD, GBP, Euro.
  • Twin displays on the machine for easy viewing.
  • Compact desktop type, fits anywhere and easy to carry, Handle provided.
  • Hi – voltage protection to the machine through external fuse system. Which even the user can change. Additional fuse is provided in the fuse cabin to re-install new fuse easily.
  • Intensity of detection can be adjusted by the user himself.
  • Additional Easy to wear dust covers, ensures free from dust and other objects when not in use.

*Please avoid Rs. 500 old notes (non-issuable) silver band currency while counting or do a manual check of Rs. 500 old series notes during counting. RBI is currently releasing Latest Green band currency in lieu of old 500Rs. notes.


COUNTING SPEED Higher than 1000 Notes per Minute
BANK NOTE SIZE Up to 190 X 85mm (Includes 1000 rupee note also). Counts all denominations with Ease.
POWER SUPPLY 220V AC 50 Hz (+/- 10%) Optional – 110V AC 60 Hz
POWER CONSUMPTION 50 watts during operation / <10 watt during non operation.
DIMENSIONS 330 x 265 x220 mm
DETECTION TYPE UV, IR & CCD (Rs. 1000 Super fake identifier)
COUNTING TECHNOLOGY Highly reliable IR Sensor Technology for accuracy & durability. Digitized due to its advanced electronics and intelligent software.
ERROR CODES Different error codes for different note errors ?? Double note, Chain Note, Half note, Cut note & Soiled notes also.

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