Crane Scale


Sansui has developed Crane Scale ranges from 1 ton to 100 ton capacity, keeping in mind the user and application where it is used. The load cell used is special locking type arrangement with intrinsic safety features against lifting of sudden high impact loads. Crane Weighing Scale Applications Process Industry, Foundries Industry, Transport, Metal Industry, Steel Industry, Cement Industries.



  •  Housing all around the Crane scale which acts like a heat shield
  • Super bright 1 inch height red LED.
  • This model has a 360 degree swivel hook.
  • Rechargeable battery DC 6V/10A 1PC (aprox 60 hours).
  • Load cell connects to upper ring and bottom swivel hook of Crane scale. It has got a non screw safety design as per the dimension chart (with capacity & accuracy) to prevent loosening or breakage problem.


CS 01-1 T 1 T 500 g III
CS 01-2 T 2 T 500 g III
CS 01-3 T 3 T 1 kg III
CS 01-5 T 5 T 1 kg III
CS 01-10 T 10 T 2  kg III
CS 01-15 T 15 T 5 kg III
CS 01-20 T 20 T 10 kg III

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