Pocket GSM Scale



Pocket GSM Scale is used for checking GSM of any textile and paper. This Pocket GSM Scale is small in size and can carry easily, Operated by inbuilt AAA size battery. Pocket GSM Scale is slim and portable.
Capacity : 200 gms
Accuracy : 0.01 gm.
Pan Size: 55 x 50 mm
2 Nos. AAA Size Battery


  • Auto calibration
  • Auto zero tracking
  • Bakelite LCD display for easy viewing
  • Weighing unit gm/ct/dwt/oz/ozt
  • Selectable weighing unit (gm/kg)
gsm-cutting-pad-blade-250x250 gsm-balance-250x250 index-Copy_GSM-Cutter-for-Fabric-Paper-2 gsm-pad-250x250
GSM Pad GSM Balance GSM Cutter GSM Blade
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