The double ended Shear-Beam type loadcells, specially designed for weighbridge applications are the best of their kind available in the market. Unlike other loadcells, these loadcells can weigh vertical as well as horizontal load components. The unilink floating assembly for the loadcell allows controlled floating assembly for the loadcell allows controlled floating of the platform.



  • Hermatically sealed.
  • IP-68 rated.
  • No constrainers required
  • Simple foundation work


Rated capacity
Rated output
Non Linearity
Rated Excitation
Max. Excitation
Input resistance
Output resistance
Insulation resistance
Operating temp. range
Temp. coeff. of sensitivity
Temp. coeff. of zero
Safe overload
Ultimate overload
Protection class
Load cell material
Assembly material
20/22.5 Metric Tonne
3 mv/v +/- 0.1%
<0.025% FS
<0.010% FS
<0.020% FS
15 V AC/DC
25 V AC/DC
700 +/- 14 ohms
703 +/- 4 ohms
<0.020% FS (30 min.)
1000 M ohms (at 50 V DC)
-20 deg. C to 70 deg. C
0.001% of reading/deg. C
0.002% FS/deg. C
Tool Steel
Cast Steel


Merits of Double-Ended Shear-Beam type Loadcells used in Sansui Weightbridges

Double Ended Shearbeam Compression or Others
  • No constrainers required as it actually has two loadcells in a single unit and can take both horizontal as well as vertical load. Thus the weighing is very accurate.
  • As it has unilink floating type assembly, it can withstand any type of loading. Hence no repetative services required.
  • The civil work required is very simple and less costly.
  • Constrainers are must with compression type as the horizontal load component which is caused by application of brakes of vehicles is nullified or absorbed by constrainers.
  • The alignment of constrainers can get shifted by continuos weighment within a period of six to eight months. Hence constant servicing required.
  • As constrainers have limited vertical deflection, depth of main beams and hence of civil work is increased. So installation is very tricky and laborious resulting in high cost.
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