Maxsell Truscan-neo Fully Automatic Rupee Detector


Truscan Neo is quick and very easy to operate fake note detector. Just insert the currency, You’ll know in a second if the currency is genuine or counterfeit. Its new Design has the convenient to insert notes in any direction and from any point.


TRUSCAN Fake detector displays Information –

  • Denomination of each note
  • Quantity and Total value of authentic currency
  • Reason of Rejection with Easy to understand Error codes
  • Accumulated report of the note inspected.


TRUSCAN automatic fake detector is sleek & compact Super technology at an affordable price

  • Insert currency in any direction
  • Inbuilt battery for portability
  • Flip open design to help self clean by the user.
  • Future proof upgradation slot.

Outstanding Features Of Truscan

  • Ultra compact & Light weight design – ideal for Cash counter & Portable use as well.
  • Easy to use, simply place the note at the feeder and it does the rest in just 0.5 Sec (half second)
  • Automatic detection with complete analysis of different parameters
  • Fully automatic detection of currency, no human interference required.
  • Detects fake currency in less than a Second with Audible tone.
  • LED display with full details about denomination and Test results.
  • Facility to upgrade even future fakes FREE OF COST for LIFETIME.
  • Compact, Portable and can be carried anywhere.
  • TRUSCAN Neo detects, validates and adds up the value to show total value of currency received for checking (helpful when received cash from a customer and easy to validate the value.)
  • Alarms – F-C (fake currency) when suspicious note is detected.
  • Easily upgraded for new designs of currency issued by the Reserve bank of India
  • Dimension: LWH / Net Weight:

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